Turning Centers

Modern Turning Centers are using powerful turret drive motors to achieve high cutting performance for drilling and milling operations. With a WTO driven precision tool you are able to use the full power range of your machine. We offer solutions which are optimized for your machine type.


drehzentren-content-1   Static Toolholders

WTO offers a wide product range of precision static toolholders for turning operations.


drehzentren-content-2   Performance Series®

The new standard series of driven precision tools designed for highest performance.

drehzentren-content-3   Coromant Capto®

Fastest time wins! Driven tools with quick change system for highest productivity.



The new quick change system for high performance and precision.Minimal investment, maximal expandability

drehzentren-content-4   WT System

Precision tool change system using modular tool spindles.


CoolSpeed 170 82px  
Affordable evolutionary high rotation speeds up to 75,000 RPM!
Driven by coolant, oil, air.